Saturday, November 6, 2010

Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

Breast implants are a great idea for somebody who wants to increase their size, but what if you are happy with your breast size and just want to restore a youthful appearance by making them perkier? A mastopexy (or more commonly known as a breast lift) may be the right choice for you. This procedure can even be done in combination with implants if you are looking for an increase in size as well as better shape and placement of your breasts.

A full breast lift is where the doctor makes a cut in the crease below the breast, a cut around the areola (nipple) and then an incision from the areola to the cut in the crease—this is known as an anchor incision and as you can see below, it resembles an anchor.

Once the incisions are made, the excess tissue will be removed and the breast will be moved up; often, the areola will be reduced in size too.

This procedure will result in different scarring than a typical breast augmentation would. The scar around the areola will often not be noticeable, since it will be hidden in the color of the nipple. The scar at the bottom of the breast, located in the crease, will also be fairly hidden since the breast will often lay over that area. As a quick side note, these two incisions are also used in breast augmentation since they do not leave extremely noticeable scarring, so I wouldn’t worry too much over the marks they will leave. The last scar, and the one you do want to concern yourself with, is from the incision connecting the areolar cut to the cut in the crease. This straight line from nipple to the base of the breast will  fade over time but will probably not ever be perfect.

A modified breast lift will result in scarring that is much less noticeable—however, since this procedure uses fewer incisions (which mean less scarring) it is not able to alter the breast shape as well. For this reason, this type of procedure is often done in combination with breast implants. The popular incisons for this are either the donut lift or the crescent lift.

The donut lift (or Benelli lift) removes a ring of skin around the nipple and then sutures it back together thus removing tissue from the breast.

The crescent lift will have an incision around the top of the nipple and basically move the nipple up on the breast after removing the tissue above it, thus lifting the breast.

Here are some examples of what a breast lift can do:

Both of these women had a crescent incision breast lift as well as implants inserted. As you can see, a breast lift can make a tremendous difference.


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