Saturday, October 30, 2010

Butt Augmentation

If your back-side just isn’t cutting it for you, maybe you’ve been thinking of a buttock augmentation. There are two types, the butt lift or implants.

The butt lift, often called the Brazilian butt lift, involves a combination of removing fat from certain areas around the butt and adding fat to certain areas. Often the fat that is injected back into the patient comes from the fat removed from the butt and other areas like the stomach or any other problem areas on the patient. The fat will be processed before it is re-injected. This process is like sculpting the patient’s buttocks—the doctor removes stuff from areas that it should be, while adding to areas that need more volume. Below are some examples of before and after for a Brazilian butt lift. As you can see, this procedure is great for giving the buttocks a younger, perkier appearance.

The other option is to have implants placed in. These implants are not like breast implants—they are made of a VERY strong material, which is what you would expect because they will have a great deal more force placed on them on a regular basis compared to breast implants. A small incision is made and the implant is inserted right above the muscle and underneath the layers of connective tissue material (called fascia). The scarring that results from this procedure is negligible and most often is not visible in the long term.

The recovery from this surgery is pretty serious, you are not supposed to sit on your butt directly for up to three weeks. This means that if you have a job or pretty much any other obligations, you’re going to need to make other arrangements. You may be a bit surprised when you hear the cost for a Brazilian butt lift, but make sure you keep in mind that not only are you getting a butt lift, you are also going to be getting liposuction. Below is an example of a patient who received butt implants.

This is one surgery where it is absolutely IMPERITIVE for you to pick the right doctor. These are delicate surgeries. I’m sure you’ve seen at least one news article about somebody who flew to South America to have a Brazilian butt lift performed and then died later from complications. Make sure your surgeon knows what he is doing! The process of purifying the fat after its removal from your body and before it is injected back into your butt is especially important, so make sure you speak with your doctor about how he does that.

Overall, deciding which of these methods is right for you is a tricky choice. Speak with a doctor who is well-practiced in both types of surgery and explain to him the results you desire. If you want to shape up that entire region, you will likely want to go with the butt lift; if you are just looking to add a bit more volume then perhaps implants are the better choice for you. One bonus for butt implants is that, many patients say, if you lose weight after the surgery it will not come off of your new butt. Either way, do your homework and find a reputable surgeon. Then, enjoy your new curves!

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